Sophisticated solutions for your unique requirements

Maybe you don’t publish just journals, books, or standards, but some combination of the three. Or perhaps you publish reports, legal materials, government documents … or all of the above. You want to reduce time to publication, build in accessibility features, and produce high-quality XML in-house. But your content doesn’t all fit just one DTD, one editorial style, or one workflow, or you work with a DTD outside the JATS family, such as DITA. You don’t need one-size-fits-all software; you need a solution custom-designed for the content you publish, and for the formats and platforms that matter to your readers.

Enter eXtyles! eXtyles can be fully customized and configured to fit your content and meet your workflow needs, and can run on user desktops or on your server for high-volume workflows. Our experienced solutions architects have worked with organizations of all types and sizes, and we’re always up for a new challenge!

  • Solutions for governments, NGOs, and legal publishers

    With a custom eXtyles configuration, we can help you meet mandates for accessible and machine-readable documents, set up your content for cost-effective multi-format and multi-language publication, and optimize your processes and workflows.

  • Solutions for mixed and complex workflows

    eXtyles is a flexible solution that we can configure to help you produce a range of publication types, content types, and XML outputs outside the traditional journal article or scholarly book. Install eXtyles on user desktops, or on your server to process more documents faster.

  • Custom

    Our custom-built eXtyles solutions are fully expandable and configurable, and they offer a wide variety of time-saving and content-enriching tools. We’ll work with you to determine the most efficient solution for your publications, your team, and your workflow.