Publishing isn’t just for publishers! Governments, NGOs, professional associations, and other entities also create and produce publications—but may be subject to rules and mandates that traditional publishers are not. Their publications often don’t fall into the categories of books, journals, and standards, so why try to impose tools and workflows designed for those categories? Unique and specialized publications need workflows and solutions purpose-built for them.

Inera’s editorial and XML solutions have a proven track record with government and legal publishers such as the US Government Publishing Office, General Code, and Djøf Forlag (the publisher of the Danish Association of Lawyers and Economists). We’re experienced in navigating bidding and procurement processes, collaborating with other vendors, and balancing technical, legal, and political considerations when managing workflow change.

Now that production sees how well the eXtyles conversion works, they wish they had done this years ago!

Jim Bender, US Government Publishing Office

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