How do you publish a journal? There may be as many answers to this question as there are journals, but all journal workflows have some processes and goals in common.

Your journal publishing workflow has to meet the needs of editors, authors, reviewers, and readers. You need good metadata, to make sure your content is easily found in relevant searches and meets the demands of abstracting and indexing companies. You need rich, consistent, high-quality XML that meets the needs of vendors and aggregators, and you need to own the XML quality-control process. Finally, you need to get from submission to publication faster, while never sacrificing your publication’s high editorial standards.

Inera offers proven, easy-to-use software solutions for organizations that produce journals—from small independent journals through learned societies to large publishers with extensive journals programs. Our off-the-shelf eXtyles JATS solution makes getting started quicker and easier; an eXtyles Custom implementation allows for maximum tailoring.

We’re definitely loving the advantage we’re getting just straightening out references. 

Larry Klein, American Society for Microbiology

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