Fully automated markup of unstructured content

While other aspects of article workflows have been successfully automated, creating high-quality, enriched XML from unstructured and inconsistent author submissions has continued to require manual intervention and journal-specific customizations—until now!

eXtyles Arc is a hands-free solution for intelligent document structuring and conversion to enriched JATS. Both eXtyles Arc Metadata Extraction and eXtyles Arc 
Full-Text Extraction solutions perform sophisticated, fully automated analysis of unstructured Word content to identify document elements and accurately convert them to JATS XML.

Game-changing technology from the eXtyles team

eXtyles Arc works with the messy, infinitely varied reality of author-submitted Microsoft Word files, so there’s no need for authors to use rigid templates or even follow formatting guidelines.

Use eXtyles Arc to speed up submissions, reduce frustration for authors and reviewers, trim time to publication, and easily create high-quality XML in-house.

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