Single-source publishing

Multi-format publication has become an absolute requirement for scholarly and other complex content: at a minimum, readers expect high-quality searchable PDF as well as HTML and/or EPUB formats to be available (in addition to or in lieu of print). You may also need to publish in multiple languages, produce an updated or revised edition, or optimize your ebook files for multiple reading environments. And of course you want to make your publications accessible!

Producing all these different formats and editions may sound like a complex juggling act—and it can be. The solution to the multi-format output tangle is single-source publishing, and adopting an XML-based workflow will help you get there!

By using your XML files as the authoritative versions of your publications, you can streamline and consolidate separate production streams into one, with a single input format (XML) and a whole range of output formats. XML workflows also enable enhanced automation and greatly speed time to publication.

eXtyles is the ideal solution for generating XML from your documents and implementing a single-source publishing workflow.