A standard for standards

When NISO adopted STS (Standards Tag Suite), an XML standard for standards was born. Implementing an STS XML workflow greatly facilitates the publication, interchange, and accessibility of standards content. But how to introduce XML into workflows characterized by collaborative development (typically in Word), regular revisions, and complex content elements?

Enter eXtyles. Whether you opt for an off-the-shelf or custom solution, eXtyles will enable you to continue to author and revise standards in Word while integrating a state-of-the-art XML publishing workflow.

  • Solutions for NSBs and SDOs

    Inera offers solutions tailored to the specific requirements of national standards bodies (NSBs) and standards development organizations (SDOs). Though these requirements overlap, NSBs and SDOs have unique needs that can be addressed by eXtyles to optimize their workflows.

  • ISO network members

    Inera offers specialized solutions and pricing for ISO network members. Learn more about our collaboration with ISO, and contact us to learn how eXtyles can help you streamline and enhance your workflow for both national standards and adoptions.

  • STS

    eXtyles STS is an off-the-shelf solution designed to create XML directly from Word according to the NISO STS DTD. eXtyles STS is an ideal solution for SDOs and can be licensed as-is or used as a foundation for a custom-configured eXtyles implementation. We also offer eXtyles STS trials; contact us to learn more.

  • Custom

    Customized eXtyles solutions can be built from the ground up or using eXtyles STS or eXtyles for ISO network members as a foundation. These solutions are fully expandable and configurable, and they offer a variety of time-saving and content-enriching tools. We’ll work with you to determine the most efficient solution for your content and workflow; contact us to learn more.