The majority of the meeting will take place in the Main Meeting link. The Main Meeting Zoom “room” will remain live throughout the meeting, and you can rejoin at any time.


IMPORTANT: The reception will take place in Remo, a web networking platform. Learn more about Remo before the meeting starts to take full advantage of this networking opportunity.


All times are in Eastern (US & Canada)

1:00 p.m.

Welcome | The Year in eXtyles

An overview of recent Inera and eXtyles developments and where we’re headed

Elizabeth Blake, Inera

Main Meeting link

2:00 p.m.

Granularizing BITS XML for Product(ion) Flexibility

A case study from CFA Institute on re-architecting their BITS XML for richer reuse of content

Cindy Maisannes, CFA Institute

Main Meeting link

2:30 p.m.

Markup Guild: What We Talk About When We Talk About Tags

Insight into our internal “markup guild”—what we do and what it means

Joni Dames, Inera

Main Meeting link

2:45 p.m.


3:00 p.m.

What’s Happening in JATS, BITS, and STS in 2022

DTD update: what’s new with JATS, BITS, and STS

Debbie Lapeyre, Mulberry Technologies

Main Meeting link

3:30 p.m.

Making Auto-Redact Work for You: Better Living through Enhanced Auto-Redact

Enhanced Auto-Redact: The first topic in a new Inera webinar series that will highlight specific eXtyles features through a deep-dive on how to use them most effectively

Jennifer Seifert, Inera

Main Meeting link

4:00 p.m.

eXtyles+: A New Partnership with J&J

Learn about the developing partnership with J&J and eXtyles

Michael Casp, Allegra Torres, and Jasmine Trinks, J&J Editorial

Main Meeting link

4:30 p.m.



XUG Online Tips

While you’re probably a pro at virtual meetings by now, these items are specifically curated for XUG Online to help us make this meeting as collaborative and accessible as possible:

Tip 1: Learn about Remo before the meeting starts! Remo is the networking platform that we will be using during our two social breaks this year.

Tip 2: Headphones or headsets are great for virtual meetings! They help filter external noise and make speech clearer to understand.

Tip 3: Use the Chat box to ask questions for the presenters and talk with other attendees. There will always be an Ineran monitoring the chat, so that we don’t miss any questions. Please note that all chats through Zoom, including private chats, are sent to the moderator once the meeting ends.

Tip 4: If you find chat messages popping up at the bottom of your Zoom window distracting, exit Full Screen mode to open the Chat box as a side panel. If you have two screens, you can keep Full Screen open on one screen and move the Chat box to the other.

Tip 5: During plenary sessions, your microphone will be muted and your video turned off. During Q&As, you can type your question into the Chat window or use the Raise Hand button to ask us to unmute you so you can ask your question out loud. (Raise your hand, wait for the invitation to unmute, unmute your microphone, then ask away!)

Tip 6: To make XUG Online as accessible as possible, we will have Zoom Live Transcript enabled. This allows you to turn on closed captions during all sessions or open a live transcript in a new window. These auto-generated captions aren’t perfect, and you’ll notice a bit of a delay, but we’ve found them a useful option in our own meetings. To turn them on or off, find the Closed Caption icon on your menu bar (it may be within the “More” options). Click the arrow to open the options. Choose Show Subtitle to turn captions on or Hide Subtitle to turn them off. Choose View Full Transcript to open a new window with the live transcript.

Tip 7: Continuing to make things inclusive, we invite you to add your personal pronouns to your Zoom account and enable them to show in the meeting. In a browser, go into your Zoom account. Go to Profile > Edit. There will be a box to add pronouns underneath your Display Name. Once you’ve entered your pronouns, you can choose how you’d like to share them. Unfortunately, this must be done before joining a meeting; otherwise, your pronouns will not display. We also invite you to add your organization next to your name, such as Jane Doe (Inera). Open the Participants panel, hover over your name, click the More dropdown arrow, then Rename.

Tip 8: The main meeting room link will always be active, and an Ineran will always be present in that room to answer questions. You can also email [email protected] for meeting support.

Tip 9: Because all XUG sessions will include slides, demonstrations, or polls, they are best accessed through the web link. However, you do have the option to join by phone. Use the links above to find your appropriate call-in number.