Welcome | The Year in eXtyles

Monica Mungle: HI everyone!

Jennifer Seifert (Inera): Hello Monica!

LittlePN: Good afternoon from Washington DC!

Julia Gilstein (she/her): Afternoon, all!

Liz Blake (Inera): Hello hello!

Gianna Flores (Inera): hi everyone!!

Kristi Hartley: Hello from Denver!

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Hello everyone! It would be great if y’all could all put your full name and organization on your Zoom identity 🙂

Sara B: Hi, everyone!

Robin Dunford (Inera): Hi everyone!

LittlePN: This is Pat Little from American Petroleum Institute

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): It’s great to see everyone!

Anna G.: Good afternoon; Anna Glover from U.S. Geological Survey.

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): To rename yourself, right-click on the “meatball menu” (3 little dots) at the top of your window

Igor Kleshchevich: Hello Hello!

Lucas: Good afternoon from São Paulo (Brazil)! This is Lucas from Editora Cubo publisher

Kevin O’Donovan, ICF: Hi, all. This is Kevin O’Donovan from ICF (Durham, NC).

Ron Keller (FASS): I love “meatball menu”.

Jennifer Seifert (Inera): Hello everyone!

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): I cannot take credit for it but I do enjoy it

Nkoli Ukpabi: Hi everyone!

58063: Hello! This is Danielle Moore from ICF.

Tommie Usdin (Mulberry Technologies): Hello to old and new friends. XUG is one of my favorite events because I learn so much here! Hope you are looking forward to it too.

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): I’m a vegetarian so I don’t spend a *lot* of time talking about meatballs normally

O’Connor, Charles (ELS-HBE): Howdy!

Debbie Lapeyre (Mulberry): Great familiar names in chat!

Julia Gilstein (NEJM) (she/her): 😆

Robert Wheeler: Hello!

ShaunaMiller (she/her) (FASS): Good afternoon to everyone else from Central Illinois!

Lisandro Gonzalez: 🎃

Jo Ripoll (Inera): https://www.inera.com/user-group-meeting/xug-2022-landing-page-day-1/

Jo Ripoll (Inera): https://www.inera.com/user-group-meeting/xug-2022-landing-page-day-1/learn-about-remo-day-1/

Anna G.: No bingo this year? 🙁

Jennifer Seifert (Inera): An oversight, Anna!

Anna G.: 🤣

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Here’s the newsletter! Look for “People of Inera” https://www.inera.com/newsletter/

Debbie Lapeyre (Mulberry): Congrat for 20 and 25 years! WOW!

Bill Kasdorf: What? ONLY 25 years? It seems as if Bruce and Inera have been here forever!

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): I just realized that XUG is now old enough to drink in Quebec and Alberta!

Robin Dunford (Inera): 😆

Robin Dunford (Inera): XUG number 16 for me…

Debbie Lapeyre (Mulberry): Virtual is better this year, thanks!

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Liz’s cat is named Iris and she holds the title of Assistant Sales Meownager

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Hello from Toronto!

Jo Ripoll (Inera): Boston!

Danielle Moore (ICF): Raleigh, NC

Gianna Flores (Inera): hi from Manchester, New Hampshire!!

Anna G.: Concord, NH

Bill Kasdorf: Hi from Ann Arbor!

Ulysses Lateiner (Cell Press, he/him): Somerville MA

Robin Dunford (Inera): Oxfordshire in England, where it is getting dark already!

Caran Wilbanks (CDC) (she/her): Tucker, GA

Bree McCloskey (USGS): State College, PA

AndyCharest-API: Lovely Annandale, Virginia 🙂

Lauren Kmec (AAAS): Hi from Washington, DC!

Igor Kleshchevich (Inera): At Boston right now! 🙂

Monica Mungle: Monica from the Northwest side of Chicago. Beautiful day here!

ShaunaMiller (she/her) (FASS): Central Illinois

Stacey Herrmann: Kansas City

O’Connor, Charles (ELS-HBE): Cabot, VT: Land of Cheese

Robert Wheeler: New York

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): But did you bring enough cheese for everyone?

Bruce Rosenblum (Inera): hello from Phippsburg, Maine

Anne Daniels, CFA Institute (she/her/hers): I work from Eugene, Oregon, with a Virginia-based team!

Julia Gilstein (NEJM) (she/her): Boston here, with a couple other NEJM folks

Robin Dunford (Inera): surely Land o’ Cheese @charles?

O’Connor, Charles (ELS-HBE): Point taken, Robin

Ron Keller (FASS): Scenic downtown Urbana, IL.

Lisandro Gonzalez: Gaithersburg MD

Debbie Lapeyre (Mulberry): Mulberry is an virtual company as well. We think it is better, but challenging, yes.

Christine Benson (Inera) (she/her): Austin, TX 🙂

Debbie Lapeyre (Mulberry): Rockville, MD USA

Ulysses Lateiner (Cell Press, he/him): I feel like I missed out on the full eXtyles experience if I never got to worry about a dongle as part of the installation process…

Ron Keller (FASS): Should we continue to look for and correct nested tables before feeding files to ARC?

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): SORRY EVERYONE that was me pressing the wrong button by mistake

Robin Dunford (Inera): @Ron – if there is a table containing content nested inside an empty table, we will now “detable” the outer table, leaving the inner table intact

Ron Keller (FASS): @Robin – Thanks!

Robin Dunford (Inera): but otherwise, ys

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): https://www.edifix.com/blog/introducing-edifix-api-2-0

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): FYI, if Modern Comments are not your favorite thing, we have a Word Tip coming up that will show you how to get your Word Comments back to normal

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): … for specific values of “normal” 😉

Robin Dunford (Inera): and once you’ve run an eXtyles process with modern comments switched on, switching off modern comments won’t turn existing comments back to “non-modern” comments… (sadface)

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Unfortunately true 🙁

Robin Dunford (Inera): Anyone who was at Frankfurt last week will have seen something of a change in our environment, from our little cupboard right on the edge of Hall 4.2 to Wiley’s palatial and beautiful stand!

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): For more on Wiley Partner Solutions: https://www.wiley.com/en-us/business/partner-solutions

Monica Mungle: Modern comments are unpopular with the JAMA Network manuscript editing team.

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): So far I have not met anyone with whom Modern Comments *are* popular. But I’m sure they must be out there somewhere … ?

Ron Keller (FASS): …mostly within the Office developers.

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Like, remember the Office 2002 magic rosette?

Allegra Torres: all things are possible with sufficient social media pressure

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Or was that Office 97?

Bill Kasdorf: It may take TikTok

Anna G.: Office 97, and Windows Nashville

Ulysses Lateiner (Cell Press, he/him): RIP Clippy

Allegra Torres: you’re on your own with bringing back Clippy

Lisandro Gonzalez: 📎

Julia Gilstein (NEJM) (she/her): Aw I loved Clippy

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Yes I think Clippy is a minority taste lol

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Hmmmm maybe we should have a poll

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Clippy vs No Clippy

Ulysses Lateiner (Cell Press, he/him): did anyone ever figure out what Clippy’s pronouns were?

Ulysses Lateiner (Cell Press, he/him): I was about to type something and realized I didn’t know how to refer to him/her/it/they

Robin Dunford (Inera): I’m guessing “it”

Ulysses Lateiner (Cell Press, he/him): I’m thinking “zey”

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): I mean Clippy did a lot of mansplaining…

Julia Gilstein (NEJM) (she/her): 😆

Anna G.: 🤣

Allegra Torres: 🤣 cancel clippy for mansplaining

Gianna Flores (Inera): deep clippy lore

Ulysses Lateiner (Cell Press, he/him): the Save document animation was my favorite…

Allegra Torres: ….how did clippy ride a bicycle

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): For those who’ve arrived since I last said this, please feel free to put your full name and organization in your Zoom screen name! To Rename yourself, use the “meatball menu” (3 horizontal dots) at the top right-hand corner of your personal zoom rectangle

ShaunaMiller (she/her) (FASS): Probably an E-bike

Joni Dames (Inera): my favorite Clippy update https://twitter.com/dialhforhagai/status/1517255776217321472?lang=en

AndyCharest-API: I wrote all my high school papers in WordStar!

Kristi Hartley: Wordstar! Yes, I used it.

Robin Dunford (Inera): For those who don’t remember Bob, or thought he was that scary guy from Twin Peaks – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Bob

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): I wrote all my high school and university papers in WP 5.1. I still remember some of the keyboard shortcuts

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Shift-F7, 2 = Print Preview

Gianna Flores (Inera): very interesting hearing about technology that’s older than me!! 😮

Sara Thompson (CFA Institute) (she/her): WordPerfect was our household tool! My dad still feels very passionately about it.

Robin Dunford (Inera): way to rub it in @Gianna! 😉

Stacey Herrmann: Anyone else remember the ZIP or Jaz drives? They could hold one whole gigabite!

Robin Dunford (Inera): though I do still miss Lotus 1-2-3

Kevin O’Donovan, ICF: WordStar’s last stable release: WordStar 7.0d / 1999

Gianna Flores (Inera): 😂

Kristi Hartley: Anybody else use a mag card typewriter?

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Pretty sure my mom still has a WP 5.0 software manual in her study

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): AND we had a pirated copy of a Jeopardy! game on a 5.25” floppy disk

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): HOURS of entertainment

Caran Wilbanks (CDC) (she/her): the desktop computer I’m using now still has a zip drive in it.

Granularizing BITS for Product(ion) Flexibility

Jennifer Seifert (Inera): A good Scrabble word!

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Happy 50th birthday, CFA Program! 🥳

Jennifer Seifert (Inera): Please feel free to add questions for Cindy to the chat and I’ll bring them up during the Q&A — or, you can chime in during the Q&A

Stacy Lathrop: Why book parts and not book part wrappers? How do you “put together” the book? Can you process / validate the book parts individually?

Debbie Lapeyre (Mulberry): Using BITS Q&A tags. Great!

Robin Dunford (Inera): Are there particular issues that you run into when taking BITS XML back to Word?

Debbie Lapeyre (Mulberry): A huge callout for persistent identifiers!!

Debbie Lapeyre (Mulberry): Yes! Deconstruction is very difficult, construction much easier and more flexible!

Debbie Lapeyre (Mulberry): Thank you so much for a dynamite case study, this is the way it is supposed to be!

Robin Dunford (Inera): It’s so difficult to keep processes up to date while you still have to get stuff out the door!

Debbie Lapeyre (Mulberry): Do BITS book parts have ALL the metadata you need?

Bill Kasdorf: It’s almost always better not to customize BITS, just use BITS as BITS.

Trevor Hiblar: XML to Word is complex, but doable!

Robin Dunford (Inera): Thanks @Trevor – maybe we should talk about it over a virtual beer?

Markup Guild: What We Talk About When We Talk About Tags

Julia Gilstein (NEJM) (she/her): Excellent choice on the seasonal graphic 💀

Ulysses Lateiner (Cell Press, he/him): I don’t think I even had boxes…

Lauren Kmec (AAAS): I am in the midst of a move now – so true!

Liz Blake (Inera): hahaha

Ulysses Lateiner (Cell Press, he/him): BRILLIANT

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): This is truly the element & attribute set the real world needs

Julia Gilstein (NEJM) (she/her): 🤣

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): On pourrait aussi dire “fourchette”

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Or “tenedor”

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Give me a second to remember the Yiddish …

Robin Dunford (Inera): <named-content>

Robin Dunford (Inera): @specific-use=”mermaid”?

Debbie Lapeyre (Mulberry): Love the <named-content> example

Lauren Kmec (AAAS): Does the Markup Guild have a relationship with PubMed, CrossRef, and other indexers?

Jennifer Kemp, Crossref (she/her): happy to chat!

Debbie Lapeyre (Mulberry): I hope the Guild will generate recommendations to the JATS, BITS, STS Committees, PLEASE!

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): We’ll reconvene for DTD Updates with Debbie in 4 minutes!

What’s Happening in JATS, BITS, and STS in 2022

Robin Dunford (Inera): <institution-department> – needs to be repeatable and to allow <institution-department> as a child and then we might finally be able to tag French academic addresses correctly!

O’Connor, Charles (ELS-HBE): +1

Robin Dunford (Inera): <collab> was ripe for reform! Well done guys

Ron Keller (FASS): +1

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): The only problem with virtual XUG is Debbie can’t hand out mini chocolate bars when we find a typo on her slides 🙁

Robin Dunford (Inera): also pleased to see a revamp of <supplementary-material>!

Cindy Maisannes: ooh, nice, Debbie 🙂

Jennifer Seifert (Inera): Yes, Sylvia!

Robert Wheeler: Carve that pumpkin!

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): If you haven’t checked out the new BITS tag library: https://jats.nlm.nih.gov/extensions/bits/tag-library/2.1/

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): And the JATS tag library: https://jats.nlm.nih.gov/publishing/tag-library/1.3/

Trevor Hiblar: I was, for non XUG reasons, just looking at that and wondering why everything is collapsed now. The new look is good!

Robert Wheeler: NISO STS Tag Library, too : ) https://www.niso-sts.org/

Nick Taylor: 🙌

Debbie Lapeyre (Mulberry): Yes, Trevor, the collapsed look was user requested. BUT, remember that you can use the tiny diamonds at the right of the screen to open and close everything on your screen, and your choice is “stickY, it will do the same when you change pages.

Making Auto-Redact Work for You: Better Living through Enhanced Auto-Redact

Jo Ripoll (Inera): For anyone interested in subscribing to the newsletter: https://www.inera.com/news/subscribe/

Jennifer Seifert (Inera): A huge shout out to Joni for her help with coming up with examples for this session!

Robin Dunford (Inera): Auto-redact also already removes white highlighting in Word – yes, white highlighting is a thing!

Jennifer Seifert (Inera): of course it is 😆

Robin Dunford (Inera): Word cannot find specific highlight colors, as well – you either remove them all or none

Jennifer Seifert (Inera): yes good point @Robin

Robin Dunford (Inera): It is also possible to switch off saving a baseline before auto-redact, which can be useful if you are testing new auto-redact rules and otherwise generate dozens of baselines – contact Support if this is an issue for you

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Those of us who used to work as copyeditors strongly suggest using the character-level option in Compare to Baseline

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): (At least, I do)

Jennifer Seifert (Inera): Shout out to our own Robin Dunford for his development work to expand what Auto-Redact has to offer!

Lauren Kmec (AAAS): +1 Sylvia

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): 👏 Robin

Robin Dunford (Inera): I also find myself increasingly using tricks like temporary character styles or even temporary character entities that can allow a second rule to find text that has already been touched by an earlier rule – happy to talk to eXtyles admins about that over a virtual beer or after XUG

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): [email protected]

Robin Dunford (Inera): I do have a question for the room about auto-redact – it can’t currently find e.g. a word in italic in a string of italic text but not find that same word when it is not italic, but Word _can_ do this. I don’t have a silver bullet as to how we might do it, but would anyone think that might be useful?

Lee Calibeo: For things like that, we created a new Advanced Process written in Perl, that can handle situations like that.

Robin Dunford (Inera): Interesting @Lee – that’s a good solution

eXtyles+: A New Partnership with J&J

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Sorry, my mic was hot and I didn’t realize (but I stand by my WOOO for the CMS)

Robin Dunford (Inera): It came up on a recent admin training trip, but I can’t remember the example

Allegra Torres (J&J Editorial, she/her): Sylvia gets me!

Liz Blake (Inera): Haha she does!

Ulysses Lateiner (Cell Press, he/him): nothing quite like the sight of a fully eXtyles-processed reference list…

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): It’s so satisfying!

Liz Blake (Inera): I’m biased but I agree

Robin Dunford (Inera): +1 @Ulysses!


Anne Daniels, CFA Institute (she/her/hers): Absolutely!

Ulysses Lateiner (Cell Press, he/him): it also makes me hungry for Skittles…

Robin Dunford (Inera): mmm… XUG table candy


Robin Dunford (Inera): if you tell young people today that such a thing once existed, they don’t believe you

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): As far as I can tell, you cannot get customized Skittles (only Skittles in customized packaging) but as we know, you CAN get customized M&Ms

Robin Dunford (Inera): there go my hopes and dreams

Ulysses Lateiner (Cell Press, he/him): @Sylvia we’ll just have to march in the streets for change

Robin Dunford (Inera): What do we want? Customized M&Ms. When do we want them? In time for XUG XIX

Ulysses Lateiner (Cell Press, he/him): 🥁📣💥

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): The OTHER wonderful thing about a fully eXtyled reference list is that it means you don’t have to manually copyedit a 100-item reference list

Cindy Maisannes: I tell everyone that eXtyles is my favorite logic puzzle

Joni Dames (Inera): Cindy, I love that!

Gianna Flores (Inera): that was my exact thought!!

Anna G.: Is it weird that it’s the eXtyles/Typefi troubleshooting that makes my day? 😛

Allegra Torres (J&J Editorial, she/her): the J&J unofficial mascot bird is the Canadian Goose

Sylvia Hunter (Inera): Slides from today’s sessions are now linked from the XUG homepage: https://www.inera.com/user-group-meeting/

Jennifer Kemp: Thank you!

Sara Billings/JAMA Network: Thank you!

Allegra Torres (J&J Editorial, she/her): Thank you!

Nkoli Ukpabi (ICF): Thank you!

Lucas (Editora Cubo, BRA): Thank you!

Lilian Faria: Thank you!