XML for content that’s anything but standard

If your organization publishes books, you know that your content is more varied, complex, and unpredictable than the typical journal article. You also have more formats and markets to worry about, including print, PDF, EPUB, course adoptions, libraries, online hosting platforms, bookstores, and online retailers. How do you create a standardized XML workflow for this kind of content without sacrificing the unique needs of each book?

The first step is choosing the right DTD for the job. The Book Interchange Tag Suite (BITS) DTD, part of the JATS family, is purpose-built for scholarly book publishing and adaptable to fit your content. It’s also an emerging de facto standard for book content.

Next, choose eXtyles! We’ll personalize your eXtyles Custom implementation to support all your publications and workflows and to ensure that your BITS XML export meets your multi-format publishing needs.

  • Solutions for scholarly books

    We offer solutions tailored to the specific requirements of scholarly book publishers in STM, social sciences, and humanities. Whether your top concern is generating XML for NCBI Bookshelf or Project MUSE, creating “born accessible” books, reducing time to publication without sacrificing editorial quality, or future-proofing your content, our solutions architects work with you to optimize your eXtyles workflow to meet your needs.

  • Custom

    Our custom-built eXtyles solutions are fully expandable and configurable, and they offer a variety of time-saving and content-enriching tools. We’ll work with you to determine the most efficient solution for your content and workflow.