Our Partners

Our partners are also leaders in the publishing technology space, with complementary knowledge and expertise. We’re proud of our long and ongoing history of collaboration, from specific technology projects to large-scale industry initiatives such as JATS, STS, and Crossref (we even won an award)!

  • Aries Systems

    Since 1986, Aries Systems has delivered technologies that enhance the scientific publishing process, including Editorial Manager® and ProduXion Manager® for online manuscript submission, tracking, and production management. By integrating eXtyles reference processing, Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager provide hyperlinked bibliographies for peer reviewers, early warning of bibliographic errors for authors, and formatting to house style for journal editors. Integrating eXtyles Metadata Extraction (as Aries Xtract) allows Editorial Manager to streamline submissions and improves metadata accuracy by automatically identifying and extracting key metadata elements from author-submitted Word files to auto-populate submission fields.

  • Cabells

    Cabells generates actionable intelligence on academic journals for research professionals. On the Journalytics platform, an independent, curated database of more than 11,000 verified and reputable scholarly journals, researchers draw from the intersection of expertise, data, and analytics to make confident decisions to better administer research. In Predatory Reports, Cabells has undertaken the most comprehensive and detailed campaign against predatory journals, currently reporting on deceptive behaviors of more than 14,000 publications. Cabells and Inera have collaborated to integrate Inera’s eXtyles and Edifix reference tools with Predatory Reports to flag citations to predatory journals in bibliographic reference lists.

  • Crossref

    Crossref is a collaborative reference linking service that facilitates linkages through Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), tagged to article metadata supplied by the participating publishers, to create an efficient, scalable linking system in which researchers can click on a reference citation and access the cited source. eXtyles tightly integrates Crossref validation and linking, providing a unique way to increase the quality of scholarly publications early in the editorial workflow.

  • Typefi

    Typefi is a global leader in single-source automated publishing software for print, web, and mobile, enabling faster publication, in more formats, without compromising on design or content integrity. Typefi’s cutting-edge, user-friendly platform allows customers to take a single-source document—such as richly tagged XML exported from eXtyles—and automatically render it in their choice of over 30 formats in just minutes, with 100% accuracy.

  • Wiris

    MathType by Wiris is a powerful interactive tool for creating mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, and presentations as well as for TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Wiris offers advanced calculation and presentation tools for mathematics, with emphasis on internet technology solutions. eXtyles seamlessly integrates MathType to permit powerful equation editing within Microsoft Word and MathML or TeX export of equations embedded in valid XML created directly from Word.

  • Xpublisher

    Xpublisher is a leading provider in multi-channel publishing and specializes in the semantic enrichment and standardization of texts. Its  Xpublisher and Xeditor products offer intuitive solutions for creating, managing, and automating publication of content. Founded in 2009 and  headquartered in Munich, Germany, Xpublisher operates a subsidiary in the United States and became part of the Fabasoft Group in 2019. Many leading international companies and organizations in aerospace, technology, education, publishing, public administration, and other industries already rely on Xpublisher’s products. The Xeditor XML editing platform integrates Inera’s Edifix API to provide in-app reference formatting, linking, and correction.

We find eXtyles to be an excellent partner because of their dedication to serving their customers.

Chris Hausler, Typefi