Hands-free JATS XML from unstructured Word content

You’ve automated as much of your publishing workflow as you can with the tools available, but you need more: to speed up publication without sacrificing editorial quality, produce richer and more consistent XML in-house (and earlier in the workflow), get more accurate metadata without burdening authors or editorial staff…

Enter eXtyles Arc! Designed for and rigorously tested in the messy and variable reality of author-submitted Microsoft Word documents, eXtyles Arc Full-Text Extraction uses sophisticated, fully automated analysis to identify document elements and accurately convert unstructured content to JATS XML in a matter of minutes.

  • Fully automated publishing

    eXtyles Arc frees researchers from rigid authoring templates and even formatting guidelines—but not by shifting the burden of document structuring and metadata entry to editorial staff. Ideal for high-volume publications, preprint servers, and repositories, this game-changing technology allows publishing organizations to produce XML faster than by traditional methods, and at a lower cost.

    Learn how eXtyles Arc can help you automate your publishing workflow in End-to-End Automation with eXtyles Arc and Typefi,” a free webinar presented by Inera and Typefi!