Inera’s software solutions include both standard and optional editorial and XML modules.

Each product can be configured to include the suite of tools that will best optimize your workflow and address your business goals. Below are descriptions of the most popular features available in eXtyles and Edifix. For a complete list of available features, contact us!

Key editorial features


Removes extraneous formatting from Word documentsfrom simple errors, such as multiple spaces, to more complex issues, such as fielded text or character styles, that can cause problems during the editorial and composition stages.


A large library of find-and-replace rules that can be configured to output any editorial style. Preferred spelling, abbreviation, usage, and formatting of common terms can be enforced with a single mouse click. Our library includes 2000+ rules; custom rules can also be created, and customers can be trained to write their own.

Reference Processing

Copyedits references to journals and books by identifying elements of a reference and rearranging them according to a preferred editorial style.

Reference Linking and Correction

Validates references against the PubMed and Crossref databases, inserts PMID and DOI links, corrects missing or erroneous elements in a reference in Word with data retrieved from PubMed or Crossref, flags discrepancies between the reference and the PubMed or Crossref record, and provides feedback on the accuracy of certain reference elements.

Numbered Citation Style Conversation

Convert one numbered (Vancouver) reference citation style to another (e.g., numbers in square brackets to superscript numbers); ensures that punctuation and formatting of numbered citations conform to the publisher’s style.

Citation Renumbering

Renumbers out-of-order reference citations and their corresponding references according to a specified editorial style.

Key XML Features

Validating XML Export

We have configured XML export filters for a number of DTDs and schemas, both standard and proprietary, including JATS, BITS, and STS. eXtyles can be used to create full-text, valid XML directly from Word with the click of a mouse and with no in-house XML expertise required.

Metadata Export and Upload

Converts JATS XML to either PubMed or Crossref metadata XML and automatically deposits it.

Automated XML Extraction

Uses sophisticated, fully automated analysis of unstructured Word content to identify document elements and extract XML metadata or produce full-text XML.

Metadata Import

Imports metadata from your submission system or CMS to populate document metadata, from single-field metadata (e.g., document identifier) to complex XML fragments (e.g., funding information or authors and their accompanying ORCID IDs).