Bookshelf Evolution: Modelling Order Out of Chaos

A guest presentation from XUG 2018

Your books are complex, specialized, high-touch, and often highly individual. They’re also important contributions to their fields that need to be discoverable, accessible, on time, and future-proof! Yesterday’s production workflows can’t meet the challenges of tomorrow’s books—but disrupting time-honored systems can be a daunting challenge.

Inera offers proven, easy-to-use software solutions for publishers of scholarly books, implemented by university presses, academic publishers, and commercial publishers around the world. We’ve been through the workflow change process many times, and we know you know your books best!

With an eXtyles Custom implementation, based on BITS or another DTD suited to your content, we can make sure your XML workflow works for all the books on your list.

Setting aside the fact that eXtyles admirably performs as advertised, what I appreciate about the Inera team is that they come through on their promises: deliverables arrive when expected and run as expected.

Barry Bergin, American Concrete Institute

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