A pioneer in XML publishing standards

When it comes to XML for journals, you know exactly what you need: full-text JATS (the Journal Article Tag Suite). But wait: there’s more than one JATS specification, different platforms may have different requirements, and it can be hard to gauge the quality and consistency of XML files created by vendors. How do you build the JATS-based workflow that’s right for your journals, your staff, and your business needs?

Enter eXtyles! Whether you opt for an off-the-shelf or a fully customized solution, eXtyles can help you reduce time to publication, automate repetitive editorial tasks, and produce high-quality JATS XML in-house—without abandoning the familiar Microsoft Word environment.

  • Solutions for journals

    We offer solutions built for the needs of journal content in STM, social sciences, and humanities disciplines. Whether your top concern is creating XML for online hosting and archiving, reducing time to publication without sacrificing editorial quality, or future-proofing your content, our solutions architects work with you to optimize your eXtyles workflow to meet your needs.

  • JATS

    eXtyles JATS is an off-the-shelf solution designed to create JATS XML, compliant with PubMed Central and Crossref requirements, directly from Word. A proven solution for journal publishers to produce high-quality JATS XML in-house, eXtyles JATS can be licensed as-is or used as a basis for a custom-built eXtyles configuration. We also offer eXtyles JATS trials.

  • Custom

    Our custom-built eXtyles solutions are fully expandable and configurable, and they offer a wide variety of time-saving and content-enriching tools. We’ll work with you to determine the most efficient solution for your journals, your team, and your workflow.