Disclosing disability in the workplace

Whether in senior positions or just starting out, many of us struggle with what, how, and how much of ourselves to share with our colleagues, with our professional contacts, with the industry at large. On the Scholarly Kitchen blog this week, Bruce Rosenblum shares a personal perspective on this question.

The former CEO of Inera and current Vice President of Content and Workflow Solutions at Atypon, Bruce has been a respected voice in the scholarly communications space for many years —XML expert, standards developer, workflow consultant, and a driving force behind Inera’s innovative software solutions.

We hope you’ll also join us for the upcoming SSP webinar “Solving Problems with and for the Problem Solvers,” on July 29 at 11 am Eastern. In this repurposed SSP Annual Meeting session inspired by a previous Scholarly Kitchen post, Bruce joins Simon Holt, Catherine Harding-Wiltshire, Lori Samuels, Parinay Malik, and Sylvia Izzo Hunter for a wide-ranging open conversation about disabilities at work and how all of us can work towards a more equitable and inclusive workplace culture.