Inera Inc. announces eXtyles Arc: Hands-free intelligent document structuring and XML conversion

May 28, 2019, Belmont, MA, USA — Inera Inc., the leading provider of editorial and XML software for scholarly and technical publishers, today announced the launch of eXtyles Arc, designed to offer hands-free document structuring and XML conversion from raw Microsoft Word manuscripts.

Designed for a range of implementations including integration with journal submission systems, preprint servers, institutional or disciplinary repositories, and traditional publishing workflows, eXtyles Arc performs AI analysis of unstructured Word content to identify document elements and accurately convert them to full-text XML. Like all eXtyles products, eXtyles Arc works with the reality of author submissions and does not require authors to use specialized software, apply templates, or follow rigorous formatting requirements.

Until now, creating high-quality, enriched XML of content that is typically authored in Word—with no meaningful structure and large inconsistencies from one article to the next—has required at least some manual work, often coupled with journal-specific customization. Automating this process was the challenge the eXtyles Arc team set out to meet.

“Scholarly publishers face continual pressure to publish articles faster,” says Bruce Rosenblum, CEO of Inera. “New mandates from funders increase the economic pressure on publishers but often don’t account for the costs of developing and maintaining complex publishing ecosystems. eXtyles Arc helps publishers to meet those mandates while allowing authors and publishing professionals to continue to focus on their areas of expertise.”

eXtyles Arc completes the development that began with Inera’s eXtyles Metadata Extraction technology, released in 2018. Metadata Extraction identifies metadata elements from author-submitted Word files and exports the metadata as enriched XML; this technology has been integrated by Aries Systems for Editorial Manager’s Xtract, and simplifies the submission process for authors. eXtyles Arc extends this automation to the entire document to truly transform the production process.

About Inera

Inera is widely recognized as a global leader in publishing technology. Since 1992, Inera’s seasoned team of publishing and software professionals has pooled a unique set of skills to bring transformative change to the publishing industry. We develop and license the eXtyles family of Word-based editorial and XML tools and the Edifix online bibliographic reference solution. Publishers of scholarly journals and books, standards, and government documents worldwide rely on Inera’s software solutions to drive their publication workflows.


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