Inera Inc. launches eXtyles STS, a Word-to-XML solution for standards publishers

January 17, 2018, Belmont, MA, USA — Inera Inc., the leading provider of editorial and XML software for scholarly and technical publishers, today announced the release of eXtyles STS, the newest member of the widely-used eXtyles product family. eXtyles STS supports NISO’s latest standard, NISO STS, officially known as ANSI/NISO Z39.102-2017. Inera’s eXtyles STS solution allows standards publishers to adopt this new “standard for standards” while allowing their committees to continue drafting documents in Microsoft Word.

eXtyles STS provides tools for quick and accurate structuring, editing, and conversion of standards content from Word to high-quality XML, with no in-house XML expertise required. Designed to offer an immediate, cost-effective solution for standards organizations who need to produce NISO STS XML, this comprehensive eXtyles configuration will meet the needs of most organizations that publish standards and can be further customized, if necessary, to accommodate unique publishing requirements.

The eXtyles STS XML conversion solution also facilitates the process of editing standards in Word with sophisticated editorial features. Such features include a unique user-friendly interface for applying Word styles from an integrated document template and advanced tools to identify in-line references to standards and ensure that normative references are properly cited in the text.

“NISO STS is an exciting new standard that allows the standards community to share a common format and infrastructure to create and disseminate their publications,” commented Inera CEO Bruce Rosenblum, who also serves as co-chair of the NISO STS Working Group. “With eXtyles STS, we’re delighted to be able to offer tools that enable publishers to adopt this new ‘standard for standards’ while also accommodating their current processes and editorial requirements.”

The publication of standards is a complex process involving committee authorship, multiple rounds of revision, and multi-format production. All eXtyles STS processes operate within the familiar Word environment, and the valid NISO STS XML created from Word can be used as a single source for multi-format standards publishing.

About Inera

Inera is widely recognized as a global leader in publishing technology. Since 1992, Inera’s seasoned team of publishing and software professionals has pooled a unique set of skills to bring transformational change to the publishing industry. We develop and license the eXtyles family of Word-based editorial and XML tools, and the Edifix online bibliographic reference solution. Publishers of scholarly journals and books, standards, and government documents worldwide rely on Inera’s software solutions to drive modern electronic and print publication workflows.


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