The joy of eXtyles service packs

What makes eXtyles Service Packs the most cost-effective solution for a wide variety of eXtyles services?

At Inera, providing customer support is a responsibility we take seriously and a big part of what we do every day. When a new customer begins using eXtyles, we provide hands-on user training and intensive support through the implementation phase; as part of the standard annual maintenance agreement for eXtyles, we offer unlimited end-user technical support, which covers typical issues such as

  • Resolving installation problems
  • Troubleshooting document errors
  • Fixing bugs in eXtyles

The standard maintenance agreement also covers annual software updates and periodic patches if needed.

But what if you need something else?

For example, some of our customers need us to

  • Modify or expand their eXtyles editorial tools
  • Modify or expand their eXtyles XML export tools
  • Support their eXtyles Administrators (who have received advanced eXtyles training and made modifications to their eXtyles configuration)
  • Test customer-modified eXtyles files and integrate those files into the eXtyles installer package
  • Analyze documents as part of an eXtyles configuration project
  • Provide online training or training at the Inera offices

We’re always happy to put together a cost estimate for an individual project of this kind, but if you anticipate needing more than one or two such projects within the same year, signing up for a prepaid eXtyles Service Pack is a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

How a Service Pack works

  • When you buy a Service Pack, you get a single daily rate for all the types of eXtyles service work listed above.
  • Service Packs also eliminate the administrative overhead of formal quote development, quote approval, and billing for each individual project.
  • We’re able to respond more quickly to requests from Service Pack customers, since we can schedule the work as soon as the project is scoped.

Want to learn more?

If you’re thinking that an eXtyles Service Pack might be a good fit for you, or if you’d just like to get more information about the available options, please contact us to learn more!