Remo is the web networking platform we’ll be using for social breaks this year. While using two platforms does make things a little more complicated, Remo is completely browser-based, so you won’t need to download or install a new application.

Using Remo, we can create a similar experience to socializing at in-person events: You can have private conversations, search for specific people to talk to, or have a group conversation, similar to how you would network in person.

To learn about how we’re using the platform for XUG and see what to expect when you enter the Remo event, watch this short introduction video:



Do I need to register for this event?

If you go to the Remo link before the event starts, you’ll see a “Register for this event” button instead of “Join this event.” In this case “register” means to make a Remo profile, which you’ll need to do in order the enter the Remo room. While you can do this before the event, it’s not necessary; you’ll be able to set up your Remo profile when you click “Join the event” as well.

Do I have to download anything?

No. Remo is completely browser-based, so there is nothing to download or install.

Which browsers are supported for Remo?

Supported browsers are: Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Why do I have to give Remo permissions access?

As with all compliant websites, you will need to give browser permissions for Remo to access your camera and microphone. The first time you enter a XUG Remo event, your browser will request access to your camera and microphone, so that you can see and chat with other XUG attendees. When indicated, press Allow.

Can I stay in the Zoom meeting while I’m in Remo?

We don’t recommend it. Staying in both platforms at the same time will stretch your computer’s bandwidth and may cause video or audio lagging, echoing, or feedback. If you choose to stay in Zoom while in Remo, be sure your microphone is muted and your video turned off in the Zoom meeting!

How do I enter the Remo event?

Step 1: Click the link to join the Remo event.

Step 2: If this the first time you’re joining a Remo event, you’ll be asked to create a profile with your name and email. If this isn’t the first time you’ve joined a Remo event, you will need to sign into your Remo profile.

Step 3: Set up your Remo profile with a picture (480 x 480 px recommended, 2MB size limit), your organization, and any other business card information that you’d like to share with other attendees.

Step 4: Give permissions access to your camera and microphone.

After you’ve set up a profile, you won’t need to complete Step 3 again.

How do I change my picture?

There are two way to change your picture: (1) Click on your avatar and press the pencil (Edit) icon, or (2) click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen and go to My Profile. Both options will open your profile in a pop-out window. From here, click Edit Profile. Now, you’ll be able to change your image, your company and job title, as well as any other business card items that you’d like visible to other attendees.

How can I tell where I am?

There is a Locate icon at the bottom left of the screen, just above Remo Support icon. Press this to locate your avatar in the room.

How do I join a conversation or table?

Double click any table you’d like to move to. If the table isn’t full, you will automatically join the table conversation with your microphone muted.

Can I message someone privately?

Yes. Click the Chat button in the bottom menu to open a pop-out Messages window. In this window, you’re able to privately message any attendee at the event or everyone at the table you’re currently “sitting” at.

Can I message the entire group that I’m talking to?

Yes. Click the Chat button in the bottom menu to open a pop-out Messages window. In this window, you’re able to message everyone at the table you’re at. Note: once you leave a table for another table, you lose the chat messages from the original table.

Will I know when I receive a chat?

Yes. When someone messages you, you will hear a chirp and briefly see a preview of the message at the top right corner of the screen. To reply, you can either click the message preview or open the Chat window to find the table chat or private chat. Unread message notifications are identified by a red number next to the name of the chat.

How can I see everyone at my table and hide the “room” at large?

Click Tile View (at the far left of the bottom menu) to bring the videos of all the table members to the forefront of your screen while minimizing the floor plan in the background. To exit Tile View, click Floor View, which has replaced Tile View on the bottom menu, and you will return to the room at large without leaving your table.

How can I tell who and where people are?

Click the Participants button in the bottom menu to pop-out a Guest List window. From this window, you can search attendees by name or scroll through to see everyone. If you hover over a participant’s name, you will see a Locate icon, which allows you see where they are in the room, and a Profile icon, which will take you to view their profile. Note: You can’t directly message someone from this window; to do that, you’ll need to find them in the room to send a message or switch to the Chat/Messages window.

Why do I have to keep unmuting myself?

You are automatically muted whenever you join a table of two or more people.

Why can’t I join a table?

Each table has a maximum capacity of 8 people. If a table has reached capacity, then you will not be able to join it until someone decides to leave the table.

What keyboard shortcuts are available to use in the Remo room?

There are only a few keyboard shortcuts available:

  • Turn on/off your camera
    • Windows: Alt+V
    • Mac: Option+V
  • Turn on/off your microphone
    • Windows: Alt+C
    • Mac: Option+C
  • Zoom In
    • Windows: Ctrl+ –
    • Mac: Command+ –
  • Zoom Out
    • Windows: Ctrl+ +
    • Mac: Command+ +
Where can I get technical help?

There is a Remo Support icon at the bottom left of the screen. Clicking this will open a chat with Remo Support staff. If the problem has something to do with the event, then you can try speaking with a Host. They’re designated by the star attached to their avatar, and can also be found in a separate section of the Participants/Guest List window.

Are live captions available?

Currently, Remo does not have a live captions function in Conversation mode. However, Remo can integrate third-party live caption services, such as Google Chrome, Web Captioner, and Follow the links to see how to integrate your third-party service with Remo.

How do I leave the event?

You can leave the event by choosing the red Quit Event button on the far right of the bottom menu. You’ll be able to rejoin the room from the link on the XUG landing page as long as the event has not ended. If you stay in the event until the end, you’ll see an announcement that the event will close in 2 minutes, and will then be returned to the Remo landing page when time runs out.