XUG 2020

It seems fitting that XUG 2020 coincided with the 20th anniversary of eXtyles, so that we could share news, challenges, and ideas with even more of our customers in this online space.

The one-day meeting was spread across two half-day blocks. Read a summary of the events or view the presentations below.

Plenary sessions

  • Welcome | The Year in eXtyles (and What's on the Horizon)

    An overview of recent Inera and eXtyles developments and where we’re headed
    Elizabeth Blake, Inera

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  • All in the Details: New eXtyles Features and Developments

    A deep dive and demos on new eXtyles functionality, including preprint and data citations
    Jennifer Seifert & Robin Dunford, Inera

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  • Flash talks: Around the World with eXtyles

    Short-form customer talks showcasing many uses of eXtyles
    Customer presentations

  • Scaling Up: Managing a Surge in Submissions

    Publishing in Place During a Pandemic: Riding the Monster Wave
    Byron Breedlove, Emerging Infectious Diseases

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    How JAMA Handled a Surge of Submissions During a Public Health Emergency
    Jacob Kendall-Taylor, JAMA

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  • eXtyles ... and Beyond! A Sneak Peek at Future Developments

    End-to-End Workflow Automation from Atypon
    Veronica Showers, Atypon

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    The Latest Features from Edifix
    Bill Fox, Inera

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  • Industry Updates & Meeting Wrap-Up

    Everything you didn’t know you needed to know about what’s going on in scholarly communications today
    Bruce Rosenblum, Inera

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Concurrent Sessions: Day 1

  • Managing an XML Workflow Across the Landscape

    Best practices for managing a geographically distributed team of eXtyles users
    Bobbie Jo Hanks & Anna Glover, US Geological Survey

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  • 5 Ways to Avoid eXtyles XML Export Errors

    Not all XML export errors are created equal! This session will introduce you to the most frequent causes of XML strife.
    Joni Dames, Inera

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Concurrent Sessions: Day 2


    Lessons learned from ISO’s experience in shifting to a new DTD
    Serge Juillerat, ISO

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  • 5 Ways eXtyles Helps You Create Accessible Content

    Accessible content doesn’t just happen! In this session, learn how eXtyles can help you build in accessibility from the start.
    Sylvia Izzo Hunter & the Inera team

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