eXtyles ORCID Integration Suite

We are excited to announce that Inera has expanded support for ORCID in the eXtyles workflow! In addition to automatic XML conversions for manually entered ORCIDs (see our previous post), the eXtyles feature set welcomes a new set of modules: the eXtyles ORCID Integration Suite.

ORCIDs are typically collected from authors in online submission systems and made available to publishers or their suppliers in XML transmittal files. However, publishers rely on the author list in the submitted manuscript (usually a Word file) as the authoritative author list. At some point in the workflow, the authors’ names and ORCIDs must be synchronized between the transmittal and the Word manuscript so they can be accurately included in the final XML file.

The eXtyles ORCID Integration Suite automatically and accurately synchronizes and merges author names and ORCIDs from transmittal and Word files into the final XML as part of the eXtyles workflow.

Our seamless integration provides a robust system for using ORCIDs in your publishing workflow. With this suite of modules, you can:

  • Import ORCIDs from your XML transmittal using the Document Information Metadata Browse function
  • Automatically synchronize and validate ORCIDs and author names in the manuscript and the transmittal during Author Processing
  • (Optional) Merge ORCIDs from the transmittal into the author paragraph during Author Processing
  • Export ORCIDs into NLM/JATS XML during eXtyles Export

You can find more information in the eXtyles ORCID Integration Suite user documentation, or contact [email protected] to learn more!